Original Real Brazilian Tarp Hats & Baseball Caps

Amazonas Tarp hats and accessories are hand made in Brazil  on the edge of the Amazon rainforest.

These Walking hats are worn day in day out, they are made from recycled truck tarpaulins from open cargo trucks that run from Amazonas in the  North west to the south of Brazil along thousands of miles of unmade red dust laden tracks with rain, sun & dust ageing the material in a way that no factory could ever replicate.

After which the material is washed and prepared ready to be made into "probably" the best original Brazilian tarp walking hats around .

So all of the hats have seen more weather than most of us might see in a lifetime and do not need any looking after and are ready for their next job of keeping the elements off of you whilst looking rather cool at the same time.

Stand out from the crowd....

These Tarp canvas hats are great for walking,Hikking,fishing,sailing and generally just looking cool, the material has seen and dealt with all the weather in Brazil, now  they are going to look after you.
Each hat has been re-proofed to keep you nice and dry in the European climate.

They are Sunproof,Sandproof,Waterproof ,in fact do not worry about these hats they will look after themselves and you.

All of the hats are individual with no two being the same, some will have repair patches on others will have stamps or writing on , this all adds to their charm and they are as individual as all of us…no mass production here, just style.

So now you can get your Brazilian Tarp Hat in the UK at a great price ,let these Real Brazilian walking hats look after you and remember, they are not on the high street.