Eco Canvas Baseball Caps

Tarp Baseball caps are different !, all of the Amazonas Baseball tarp caps are one off's, they have been manufactured from recycled truck tarpaulins that have seen more weather on the roads of Brazil than we might see in our lifetime. Tarp Baseball caps are cool , some have Portuguese writing on, others have the odd patch here and there.They are great hats for walking, biking, boating, golf, fishing, riding.... Get a Tarp Baseball Cap and dont go with the flow.

All of the Amazonas Tarp Hats have been Re-Waterproofed so the water just beads off .

Please remember to check your head size with the Hat sizing chart

Don't forget to add a "SPRINGY" to your order if you use your hat whilst running,riding,boating,skiing, this nifty little addition will make sure you and your hat do not get separated, it just clips on the back of your cap and then when needed just clip on end to your jacket or shirt collar and your hat is secure !

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