So what is Amazonas Tarphat all about ?

Hat's  along with Ana & Charlie  .. well love stories do come true !

Thrown together by fate whilst trekking through the dense undergrowth in the Brazilian Rainforest .... wow .............. well nearly

Ana was born in the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest in a small village of about 200 people / 60 familes called Pedras Negras " Black Rock",To get to Pedras Negras from the UK takes normally 5-7 days by first, planes then coaches and fillanly 3/4 days on a goverment boat, the later is fantastic , you take your own hammocks ,plate,cup and cutlery . Once on board you try to nab the best spot and get them hung up, then whilst the boat travels 24hrs a day against the tide at about 3 knots you get fed and watered 3 times a day....all this whilst taking in all the wildlife along the river banks.

We had our blessing in the church you will see in the video link here Pedras Negras

Pedras Negras like most villages in the Amazon subsistance farming is the normal way of life along with collecting Brazil Nuts from the local area, the later has more or less stopped now as they only get paid a very small amount by the larger companies.

Hats ... Hats and more hats, for generations my family have traded locally , Rubber, corn, rice and on the outer Amazon, Hats!, we are now working with a family who manufacture for us , this way we can ensure a fair price is paid, no child labour is used and after the sale of the hats we get to give a little back to our chosen charity "The children of the tropics"  part of which forms our donation for clean water wells.

Charity number 1057633



Ana and Charlie at home in the Amazon